Monday, April 14, 2003

Somebody I know stayed in the Cumberland Hotel. It's near Marble Arch, right? They were moaning about the lack of air conditioning. That was a few years ago. They paid about £500 a night, and they were part of a family that owns one of the biggest hotels in the world, in the Far East, as well as loads of other things. Only fifth wife part. It's like that over there. Have you noticed how nice rich people look? They have a glow. Their children are darlings of politeness and eloquence.

Poor kids are so disappointing. Couldn't they stop saying "y'know" and "he goes this" and "she goes that." They should learn how to spend two hours making up their faces. Well the girls anyway. Mind you, the boys paint their nails too over there. Actually, they have people do them with clear varnish.

Some people here do that. I was amazed. There I was out on the razz with this diamond geezer, and he's knocking back pints, with one or two chasers lined up. Next minute the light catches his nails and nearly blinds me. What the? Is that clear varnish on your nails? Oh yeah, he says, he's only had them manicured. Flippin' loadsamoney like.

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