Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dear Lisa,
I love you. I love you all the time, even when your screaming I hate you - your the worst mum in the world. You've no idea how beautiful you are, can't see the potential within yourself and I'm fighting hard to make sure that when you come out the other side of your teens you'll know. You'll know that your beautiful, intelligent and that a few spots can't ruin your life. I want to tell you that everything within you is special and precious and that you're unique. A one off. I want to tell you not to let anyone bite the cherry. That it's a precious gift and once you give it away you can never have it back to give to the special person that no doubt you wont meet until its way too late. The one that comes along after you've kissed what seems like a whole batch of last years murky tadpoles turned frogs. I want to tell you that whats inside your head and whats inside your heart might never walk the same path, but your heart is free - have the courage to follow it. I wonder if those words were ever spoken to William Wallace or were they just written by someone on the way towards his next block buster, whatever the case it's true - your heart is free, never let anyone tell you different. I want to warn you about the various different types of arsehole, wanker and general pisstaker, but I know I can't. The more I try to put you off the more you'd only need to find out for yourself. I want to give you all the best parts of life, love and laughter in the world in a box tied with a huge pink ribbon. But I can't. All I can do is watch and wait and hope that your journey takes you to five great highs for every low and that for every rainy day theres a glorious summer, that the wind is always at your back and that if nothing else, I can be your hammock.
Love Mum x

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