Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Get back to me on Tuesday
and the smiles a prisoner
captive instigator

John Candy played a round
or two, and the Sunday mail
the eggs were scrambled
like her brain
the chicken was fried
like her heart
kentucky fried love
stays in bed till 7pm Sunday

Try to remember not knowing
the face
not hearing the voice
but before is a blur
and there is no after
just now

The war had passed them by
they felt no shame
only disbelief
fucking, football,
clubbing and drinking
fuzzied the edges round
the outside world

They wakened on a Friday
in a bed somewhere between
his heaven and her hell
laughter is what lifes about
he said
and she laughed
at the egg
scrambled against his cheek
get back to me on Tuesday.

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