Tuesday, May 13, 2003

the porpoises are waving goodbye.

inner manner--
transparent irreversible objective self
lean forward!
the cries for your shadow
have overlapped time and restated the obvious
in sick whispers
that stick in the back of your coffee mug
and slow-crawl through your day
until their mere existence
is the damn of patience broken
and the villagers drowned by that shiver
that you made in my heart
and sent through the core of my spine
-i am the wrapper on nothing
-i am this close to appearing
but then there's this battle
between my dreams and days
and art and life and television
and sound and blinking and the scent on an elevator
that manufactures this sort of
stained-glass perception
-i am water left in water
now is the time
to wave goodbye to the porpoises
-i am strands of a thread's shadow
here where we should be allowed to unravel
i laid down on the time upon my chest
and said a prayer for the very thing
that was swallowing me.

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