Thursday, June 05, 2003

They often wonder
when we pass your house
if you still live there
they laugh and smile
and say " maybe Dads moved"
but it's a cover up job
I know,
I know because sometimes
late at night
the wee one crawls under my quilt
and whispers
" why doesn't Dad answer my notes Mum"
or "why doesn't Dad ever phone me,
Sarahs' Dad phones every day"
sometimes I lie - cover for you, the way
I've always done, like when you never came
to parents night - or school plays - or birthday
partys. Sometimes I just hug her tight. It's easy
to make a ten year old forget, momentarily at least.
Making a thirteen year old forget is harder, especially
when they pretend they have a concrete heart
that being ignored doesn't affect them,
that they don't care or think about it

They often wonder if you've moved
I wonder if you were ever there at all.

©2003 sc.

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