Friday, January 16, 2004

she gave the baby back
to god
or whoever's responsible
for collecting the souls
she wasn't really sure
who or where

after years and years
have passed
the baby still visits
in the dream
and waves his stubby
deformed limbs
right up close to
her face

his feet are missing
and he has no mouth
but still he yells
mummy, mummy
why don't you love me
the baby is always a boy
and his name is always

he tells her how
he watches his sisters
he tells her not to be afraid
of the dark
but he's only a baby
what does he know?
sometimes in the dream
he's swimming
those are the good dreams

when he swims
he is graceful
and his stubby limbs
move him - turtle like
through the water
he smiles in those dreams
follows her
like a heat seeking missile
his mouthless face
over and over
Why don't you love me.

(C) Sk 04

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