Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I wake up with him on top of me: not again. Afterwards he just pushes me out of bed. Throughout the day he circles round me, sizing me up. There is no love in his black eyes. I don’t fight back.Later, in an act of kindness, he takes me out to a restaurant. But we don’t go in. We look through the window at the couples, and dream of how things could be.It is dark when we get home and someone has lined our bed with fine metal spikes. I have to stop him getting half-impaled and my heart flutters. He gets angry at me but it’s not my fault. It’s late and we have to find another place to sleep. It’s so cold but we never cuddle.As I fall asleep, I wonder if tomorrow will be any different. I dream of us outside the restaurant, pecking used chewing gum from the pavement.